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<Contest theme>

~ I want you to come to Japan! ~

Many foreigners are interested in Japan now.
Even if,Japanese people think naturally (Also a matter of course for us Japanese )they are many things that it looks attractive to foreigners still more.
So, We are looking for videos with a contest.
Using the tool called the video which can tell to get communication with people of the world even
if you can't write it even if you can't talk about a foreign language, why not posting charm of the hidden Japan?
In this contest, foreigners who do not know Japan, interest began a foreigner never came but there,
guests feel even foreigners who have come many times in Japan to be "want to go to Japan!" We are looking for videos like guest feel that "I want to! Go to Japan."
If it is a thing about Japan, any theme is OK.
・Famous sightseeing spot and beautiful scenery.
・A culture unique to Japan
・Recommended Japanese food and souvenirs
・The video convey daily life and "now" in japan
And also we are welcome, the video which including the subculture and funny unique.
We hope that that it become a chance to many foreigners visit to Japan. In addition, we hope this contest discovers new Japanese charm.
We are looking forward to many people videos.


<Application requirements>

PrizeHighest award: 100,000 in JTB travel vouchers
Performance award:30,000 in JTB travel vouchers

* Shipping of prize is only in Japan.
* Awards will also be given to other superior videos.
* Videos that receive awards may be used in the WASAVideo site concept video.
* There may be more than one video selected to be used in the concept video.
* As a result of screening, some videos may not be subject to awards.
OtherWe will provide you with the data on the analysis of the viewing of the selected works, such as the number of times they have been "playbacked", the countries where they have been "playbacked", their ranking among all the works submitted, the percentage of those which have been viewed from the beginning to the end, etc. Please refer to these data when you create your next work.
There are no restrictions in particular, but the following works will not be considered:
[1] Works which are contrary to public order and morality.
[2] Works which aimed to advertise corporations, etc, political causes, to recruit believers for religions bodies and to propagate specific ideologies.
[3] Works which slander any individuals, corporations or groups, etc or invade their privacy.
[4] Works which have included expressions which are not appropriate to the theme.
Qualifications for application to participateAnyone, irrespective of age, nationality, professional status (whether a professional or an amateur), are welcome to apply whether as an individual or as a group. If you are applying as a group, please specify your representative.
The methods of screening and selectionWe make much that "it is easily to the foreigner" English or multilingual is used, etc., which are expressed by means other than words.
Based on the numerical value of the number of "playback times" overseas, "viewing rate"(the percentage of the users who have watched the video from the beginning until the end), the number of high evaluation and the number of times added to the viewers' "favorite list", as well as taking into consideration the contributions and reactions of others, the works will be evaluated. Thereafter, the WASAVideo Curators, the learned men in the domestic and foreign tourist industries and professional video creators, etc will screen them to determine the final results.
Not only will we obtain the daily average of the number of "playback times" and consider that as their "total", we will also take into consideration the differences observed during the "open period". In this way, the screening and selection process will be conducted openly and fairly,
We will not be able to respond to any inquiries regarding the criteria and the results of the screening, as well as to complaints.
Contest periodJuly 18,2015 to October 30,2015
Screening periodUntil the end of November(expected)
Announcement of resultsThe end of December(expected)
*As soon as we decide on the schedule of the application period, the screening period and the announcement of results, we will post the information on our Homepage.
Application methodSubmit your application on the "application screen" on our Homepage
The "application screen" will be set up on Please contribute your work, by inputting the required information on the "application screen".
The conditions
and the standards of the works to be contributed
  • ・Please adjust the work you are submitting within 200MB.
  • ・Please make the work you are submitting in the form of one of these files:
    MOV, mp4, MPEG4, AVI, WMV, MPEGPS, FLV, 3GPP and WebM.
  • ・There are no specifications regarding the presence or the absence of a television opaque projector, language and the presence and absence of BGM.
  • ・Regarding the flashing of monochromatic red and the flashing of light, the reversal of the screens of intense contrast and the rapid scene conversion-- please do not let them exceed three times per second. Moreover, please do not allow regular patterns,(patterns of stripes, spiral patterns, concentric patterns, etc), to occupy the greater part of the screen.
  • ・All works must be original works. Works which have already been published on video websites, etc, may be submitted, but until the results on the selected works in this contest have been announced, the same works or those which closely resemble them, may not be submitted concurrently to other contests. The loss of the right of winning in other contests or the trouble with the sponsors of the other contests, arising from relevant matters, due to participating in this contest, must be borne by the applicant.
  • ・Please use the images and the music for your works which require no copyright process or use those whose required copyright process has been completed.
  • ・Regarding the images you are using, please ascertain that they do not invade the third-party portrait rights, privacy rights, property rights and other rights.
  • ・In the unlikely event that the submitted work has been determined to have invaded the rights of a third party, the applicant must bear the responsibility. The sponsor has no responsibility whatsoever.
  • ・The applicant must bear the cost of creating the works and of application, etc. The sponsor will not be responsible for them whatsoever.

・With the exception of copyright and other intellectual property rights, the right of the work contributed will belong to the sponsor at the time of application.
・At the opening, preceding the main version of the work contributed and at the ending, following that of the same, we will sometimes insert a video or images lasting a few seconds that show the logo and the URL of WASAVideo.
・The works contributed will be posted on this website and related websites, distributed to YouTube, aired on television and used in other events and PR, etc. without any compensation.
・We will carry out in order the primary screening of the works contributed and post those that have made the cut on his website, YouTube and other video websites. When they are posted, the nicknames and comments that accompanied them for publication at the time they were contributed, will be shown along with the works.
・If any work contributed is shown to have violated the Notes, etc, its publication will either be postponed or cancelled.
・The personal information which we entered at the time of application, will be used for the announcement of the winners, the awarding of prizes, etc and the operation of this contest. Moreover, the sponsor will use the works contributed in his work.
If changes and modifications are required when the sponsor presents or uses the works contributed, we will contact the respective applicants to obtain their approval.

The company names and product names, etc, which have been posted are generally the brands or the registered trademarks of the companies

YouTube and YouTube Logo are the brands or the registered trademarks of Google Inc. "mixi" is the brand or the registered trademark of Mixi Co., Ltd.
"Twitter" is the brand or the registered trademark of Twitter, Inc. "Facebook" is the registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.