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Announcement of the winning works!

The period of February 18, 2015 to May 22 , we made a video production contest by students.
We will introduce three award-winning works of Japanese students video contest.


"YABAI Country Japan"

Nickname of video contributor:yabai

Comment by WASAVIdeo Editorial department
Japanese students will use the Japanese word "yabai" in various scenes.
You will be surprised that one of the Japanese word have a lot of meaning.
And also you can enjoy the everyday landscape of Japanese students.



"Wotagei"~ It is Japanese special cheering ~

Nickname of video contributor:nobu

Comment by WASAVIdeo Editorial department
Do you know this dance of Japan?
This is the scene that Japanese are rooting for idle.
The Japanese will cheer someone with everyone, but it is not necessarily the only time of spectator sports.
This agile movement of this dance shock the hearts of the people.



"Applaud Somebody"

Nickname of video contributor:yosshi

Comment by WASAVIdeo Editorial department
In Japan, there are many words to consider with others.
we are encouraged by those words every time.
Japanese word that are featured in this video, is also one of the "omotenashi" of Japan.



Works other finalists

Be tradition now. MATSURI
Nickname of video contributor:haru

Taste of Japan
Nickname of video contributor:chirori

General Comment by WASAVIdeo Editorial department

In this contest,Japanese students seriously worked on this contest, and as a result,
especially, video about the Japanese hospitality and food was gathered a lot.
Among them, there was also one which has been taken with professional and technical unbelievably with students.
Although we were very hesitate to judge the winning work,
chose a work worthy of the concept theme,"The allure of Japan that I want foreigners to know".
We will thank them for their contribution and hope that foreigners enjoy these video.

【WASAVIdeo Editorial department】