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The results of Japan Introduction Video Contest

The period of July 18, 2015 to October 30 , we held a contest of video to convey the appeal of Japan more.
We will introduce award-winning works of the contest on this page!

*There was no work corresponding to the highest award.


Largest ricefield mosaic
(Gyoda City,Saitama Prefecture)

Nickname of video contributor:hamamatsuo


Laureate’s comment

hamamatsuoI am glad to be able to chosen for this award from among other works and get a good evaluation.
By receiving this award, I hope that Rice Fields Art is widely known to more people.
Thank you.

Tiny hotel in Shinjuku.

Nickname of video contributor:Shinji


Laureate’s comment

shinjiI'm proud of this prize of Japan introduction video contest produced by WASAVideo.
Actually, this video was the first video in my video making career.
The concept of this video is to make the video more clearly, briefly and impressive.
The place Shinjuku, Tokyo is already famous for foreigners, but There're lots of places that are surprising for tourists. So I decided my video theme is about capsule hotel and named "Tiny hotel in Shinjuku" with non verbal and briefly 30 sec.
I want to continue video production to overseas by taking advantage of the experience of this contest.

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