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Terms of use

This website is operated by JTB Communication Design, Inc. (“the company” or “we”). Please read the following Terms of Service before you access the site. Your access means that you agree to these Terms of Service.
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About Copyright

Unless otherwise noted, information posted on this website is protected by copyright laws, various treaties, and other laws of the applicable countries.
Beyond private use and other uses explicitly permitted by law, you may not use this information (including reprints, replication, broadcasting, public transmission, translation, sale, lending, etc.).

About Links

As a general rule, linking is free. However, please note that we will not assume liability for problems related to links, or be responsible for them.
Please avoid making links that might mislead third parties to think that content is not the company’s; for example, by displaying this website in a frame.


We do not guaranty the integrity, accuracy, usefulness, etc. of any information, programs, services, or any other matter related to this website.
In addition, we do not assume any liability for damages from software or hardware failures, trouble between users or between a user and a third party, or from any other accident that arises as a result of your use of this website.
The company may at its discretion terminate the service or change its content without prior notification to those registered.